RealLife Church of Ohio
RealLife Church of Ohio

The Foundations of RealLife Church of Ohio

RealLife Church of Ohio was founded in the belief that communities, families, and individuals are (at some level) unable help themselves. Our work & faith is founded on the following five pillars of faith:


  • A duty to reach out to the all mankind with the love of God in practicle ways
  • An obligation to lead by community example, we are the church
  • An all-inclusive approach: We help everyone find their "Kingdom Fit" 
  • Acceptance of the fact that we, too, require assistance from the Holy Spirit in our journey of faith 
  • The path to salvation lies only in the obedience of Christ on the cross


   RealLife Church of Ohio works diligently to meet the ever-changing needs of the communities in which we live. Recently, we purchased a church in Lancaster, Ohio along with it's property. Inclusive in this venture is 3 total ministries; The house of worship, called RealLife @ Mt. Pleasant, the beautiful wedding chapel which was built in 1898, & the Christian Youth Center, matching the needs of young adult students with the generousity of donors much like yourself!

Soon our services will expand to this location, as soon as we convert it to meet your desires, & that of our great community here in South-Central Ohio.

 Our service times shall be; Sunday 10a.m. & 7p.m., Wednesday @ 7p.m., & Christian Youth Night on Thursday @ 7p.m.


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Contact Us

RealLife Church of Ohio

1044 Marquette Rd.

Lancaster, Ohio



Phone:  740-777-0844


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What Keeps Us Going

We at RealLife Church of Ohio have received 10 promises from God that our pastors take to the throne of God on a continual basis:

  1. The reality of a promised Heaven
  2. Jesus gives us a new song to sing
  3. Jesus has given us a missionary journey to take
  4. Jesus has given us a book to write
  5. RealLife is unique in purpose
  6. None can do what we can do together
  7. Jesus proclaims a spirit of restoration upon us
  8. RealLife is to teach & emphasize upon prayer. As we pray His word He responds with, "It is finished"
  9. There is a great outburst of miracles in our midst
  10. RealLife agrees to never buy into the condemnation of the devil, for we are the righteousness of God through Christ 

Regular Hours

We're here to welcome you. Please stop by during these hours:

Sunday mornings at 10 o'clock.

Soon to open Wednesday Nights

Join Pastor Dan each Wednesday @ 7a.m. as he co-hosts the Morning Gang on WFCO, Refreshing 90.9fm - Lancaster.

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